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March 26, 2019 prides itself on only representing high quality tested products.  When dealing with health and wellness we make independent lab testing a must to get through our stringent guidelines.




Location-Location-Location  translated in retail as = Simple - Simple - Simple.


We have made it really simple and easy to make extra money from home by simply giving out a promo code to your friends, family, or neighbors.  Please read the 3 easy steps and the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below.


Step 1: 

Call, Txt or Email me to get a promo code set up in your name.

This promo code will give people you refer to our all-natural health, pain management and cosmetic products a 10% discount on e-store purchases. And you will receive the income difference between wholesale and retail minus shipping charges.



Share your promo code with anyone.  Examples:  Social media, business card handouts, talking with friends and family, etc.


Step 3: 

Get paid the difference from wholesale cost to retail sold minus shipping charges.


It really is that simple! 


Request your own promo code by emailing us:

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What is a Promo Code? 

Your own special code to share and is entered in the shopping cart at checkout.  The buyer will be tracked to you as a referral purchase via your own code.  The mark up from wholesale pricing to retail pricing will be credited to your account minus any shipping charges.  Your account will be paid to you at the end of each month via PayPal deposit or check.


What do I need to do to get started? 

Your name, email address, and suggest a simple promo code.  We will assign the code to you if it is available and your ready to share!


What happens if someone I refer forgets to use my promo code? 

We must have a way to link a sale back to you.  If a buyer makes at least one purchase with your code, they will be entered into a database tracking all future purchase to you whether they use a promo code again or not.


Can someone I refer also refer others? 

Yes.  You would receive 10% of the wholesale price on everyone that your buyer referred that also purchased via our site.  This is NOT network marketing, you receive 10% on the people your buyers refer.  However, there are opportunities for regional wholesale marketers and or wholesalers.


Is PayPal my only way to get paid? 

No, however a mailing fee will be applied to checks being mailed to you.


What about taxes? 

Any person receiving over $600 per calendar year will receive a misc-1099 form.  It will be up to you to pay your own taxes.


Request your own promo code by emailing us:

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